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The blueberry harvester shown above with manual collection consists of a reel-type picking head. The head is side mounted to a tractor in such a manner as to allow the picking head to follow contours of the ground. The reel rotates within the head in the same direction as the tractor wheels. This rotation is at a speed in ratio to the forward motion of the tractor. As the comb type-picking bars rake the blueberries from the plants they are carried around the reel and deposited in a conveyor. This conveyor delivers them to another longer conveyor, which carries them to the rear three-point-hitch mounted loading platform. As the berries fall from the conveyor a blower cleans them.


All units are equipped with an electric computerized controller. This controller sends it's signals to an electric-over-hydraulic manifold and corrects the reel rotation speed according to the tractor speed. This harvester can be mounted on most models of tractors from 35 hp and up.


The operation of this harvester requires only two people, one to operate the tractor and the other to handle the boxes of berries on the rear-loading platform.


These harvesters are available in single, double and triple head configurations.


These machines have been proven to reduce the harvesting costs by as much as 50% and are more efficient than hand raking for product recovery.

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